Maison Thondike SS Helyades Silhouette #10 on

Maison Thondike SS Helyades

Silhouette #10 of Thondike SS Helyades Collection is on with “DIMMI DI SI’…Non perdiamo tempo in chiacchiere” Editorial.

Silhouette #10 is one of several silhouettes in SS Helyades Collection, that is a High-End collection, which use the finest High Fashion Silk in all her predicates. Helyades Collection celebrate the more refined elegance that every woman desire. The refined care in making each dress is almost obsessive, with the desire to achieve perfection. The result is a dress that embraces the body like a second skin, enhancing all forms of Femininity.

In conceiving the collection, the designer Yadira Capote Thondike, wishes to enhance the woman’s Femininity and give her great sensuality and a strong personality. Colors evoke nature, silk-spines celebrate architecture. Each dress is the celebration of Femininity, elegance, uniqueness and sentiment.

This is the link (check for availability) to editorial “DIMMI DI SI’…Non perdiamo tempo in chiacchiere”

Maison Thondike:

All the Silhouettes of S/S Maison Thondike Helyades Collection are Made to Measure.
Shipping is free, worldwide. For our customers in Switzerland, is available the exclusive service of personal delivery at home.

Tutte le Silhouettes della Collezione S/S Helyades sono realizzate su misura.
Le spedizioni sono gratuite in tutto il mondo. Per i nostri clienti in Svizzera è disponibile il servizio esclusivo di consegna personale al domicilio.