Thondike FW Dyvine Silhouette#11

Rolling Stones party : Vittoria Haid wears F/W Dyvine Jumpsuit

Thondike FW Dyvine Silhouette#11 Jumpsuit is weared by Vittoria Haid (Vittoria and the Hyde Park) at the Rolling Stone amazing party at Milan Fashion Week.

The FW Dyvine Collection by Maison Thondike , inspires Yadira to explore and revisit a garment particularly appreciated by women: the jumpsuit. In its classic fit, Yadira revisit the jumpsuit with varied details and details. Silk laces, prints personally designed by the Stylist, geometric details,  give greater movement to an austere garment by nature. As always, the careful selection of the best fabrics is fundamental, from the High Fashion Silk to the Virgin Wool for the coats, up to the special Wool fabric elaborated with a special treatment that gives it a particular touch and vision.

Maison Thondike:

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