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  2. Maison Thondike,Dyvine,F/W,High Fashion,Switzerland

    THONDIKE DYVINE Vittoria Haid Rolling Stone

    Thondike FW Dyvine Jumpsuit is weared by Vittoria Haid (Vittoria and the Hyde Park) at the Rolling Stone amazing party at Milan Fashion Week.

  3. Sabor,S/S,Spring Summer,Maison,Thondike,Maison Thondike,Collection

    THONDIKE SABOR Rinascente Campaign

    Maison Thondike SS Sabor Silhouette #6 appear in Rinascente advertising Campaign on the web.

  4. Maison Thondike,S/S Sabor,Cosmopolitan


    THONDIKE S/S Sabor on Cosmopolitan

  5. THONDIKE SABOR on Cosmopolitan

    Silhouette #10 of Thondike SS Sabor Collection is on Cosmopolitan "Specchio specchio delle mie brame, chi è la fashion girl più brillante del reame?" Editorial.

  6. pring Summer,S/S,Sabor,Yadira Capote Thondike

    THONDIKE SABOR on Vogue Italy

    Maison Thondike S/S Sabor Silhouette #01 is on Vogue Italy

  7. Maison Thondike,Thondike,F/W,Fall Winter,Comeback

    THONDIKE COMEBACK On Jute Magazine

    Maison Thondike FW Comeback Silhouette #8 on JuteMagazine

  8. Fusion,F/W,Fall Winter,Maison Thondike,Thondike


    Maison Thondike FW Fusion Total Look in photo shooting for Meow Magazine.

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