Maison Thondike: Timeless dresses and accessories

Thondike … a Swiss brand of clothes and accessories handcrafted in limited and private editions.

Yadira Capote Thondike

Between feelings, nature and architecture

A modern style which reflects and evokes her Caribbean origins and her travels between nature and architecture. A combination of worlds full of treasures that merge together and create wonderful things.
Like the creative artists who turn cold and soulless materials into works of art, drawn up in a mystic way, that bring you up to another dimension.

Colours, colours and colours!

A world full of colours, just like her dress and accessories, that generates emotions, joy, pulses, because you have to dare if you want to go outside the box. In her dress as well as the accessories, nothing is impossible.
Unusual colours mixed in harmony for cold and dark winters, and designed white for summers full of emotions.

Every dress tells a story

Every dress tells a story, an emotion, a travel, a desire, just like the woman who gives off a free spirit. A sensual elegant but also modern woman, who likes to change.

“Textile craftsmanship is very important.
Especially in a high-industrialized and standardized society,
the manufacture and the handcrafted have a unique essence.
Everything comes from the Heart.
I put LOVE in all my creations.”


Dreams are Made to Measure

Every detail is expertly cared for and processed by expert hands, to give the dress the uniqueness of an unmistakable style, considered and appreciated by those in search of something extraordinary even in everyday life.

Only the best fabrics and materials are selected in our Collections, produced by suppliers of undisputed and certified reputation, with a keen eye for sustainable origin and manufacture.

We prefer natural fibers, such as silk, wool, cotton, cellulose, masterfully treated with technologically innovative processes, to give clothes unique elegance, luxury and fit, and offer the perfect feeling of a dress like a second skin.

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