Maison Thondike S/S Sabor Silhouette #5 on Cosmopolitan

Maison Thondike SS Sabor

Silhouette #5 of Thondike SS Sabor Collection on Magazine Cosmopolitan published in May 2017.

SS Sabor Collection is a very fresh and easy to wear collection, it doesn’t matter the occasion. As well as resumed in the Collection inspiration: The summer is full of exuberant carefree femininity and intriguing lightness! Soft elegance with fluid fabrics combined in pleasant contrasts. An effervescent exotic look with chic reflections!

Silhouette #5 is one of the 4 Silhouettes in fine High Fashion Cady Silk in the Collection. The Collection include also High Fashion Tundra Silk dresses that are available as Total Look and Silhouettes.

All the Total Look are available singularly and can adapt to individual needs of the customer.

Maison Thondike:

Maison Thondike SS Sabor Collection is available Made to Measure. Shipping is free worldwide.

L’intera collezione Maison Thondike SS Sabor è disponibile su misura. Le spedizioni sono gratuite in tutto il mondo.