Maison Thondike SS Sabor Silhouette #01 on Vogue Italy

Maison Thondike Sabor Silhouette#01

Vogue Italy in “SOMNUS MEMORIARUM” Fashion Photo Shooting presents Maison Thondike Sabor Silhouette#01

In the S/S Sabor Collection, Silhouette #01 is one of several silhouettes, such as #02 #4 & #05, which use the finest High Fashion Cady Silk, sometimes in single color and sometimes in bi-color with geometrical cuts. The intriguing lightness distinguishes the Sabor Collection, and all its Silhouettes. Lightness that inspires freedom and sensuality, desire for summer evenings in the open air, desire for parties, desire for sun, desire for light-heartedness, desire for freedom !

In conceiving the collection Sabor, the designer Yadira Capote Thondike, wishes to give freedom and freshness to the woman’s Femininity.

This is the link (check for availability) to Vogue Italy editorial “SOMNUS MEMORIARUM”

Team credits:
Photographer: Francesco Vincenti
Fashion stylist: Lucio Colapietro
Make-up artist: Gimmy Arevalo
Hair stylist: Lorenzo Barcella
Photographer assistant: Giuliana Vincenti
Fashion collaborators: Lorenzo Sabatini, Angelo Continisio, Vittoria Rossi Provesi
Producer: Grauegeist
Talents: Kate P.; Valeria Rudenko
Studio: Amarcord Studio
Special thanks to Mint Garden
Coordinated by Sara Maino

Maison Thondike:

S/S Sabor Silhouette #01 of Maison Thondike S/S Sabor Collection is available Made to Measure.
Shipping is free worldwide.

La Silhouette 01 della Collezione Maison Thondike S/S Sabor è disponibile su misura.
Le spedizioni sono gratuite in tutto il mondo. Per i nostri clienti in Svizzera, disponibile la consegna a domicilio.