Maison Thondike FW Comeback Silhouette #8 on JuteMagazine

Maison Thondike FW Comeback

Silhouette #8 of Thondike FW Comeback Collection is on Jute Magazine.

FW Comeback Collection is rich of large variety of fabrics and materials. Virgin Wool, Silk, Leather, Tulle. Despite the boring of winter colors, the Silhouettes inspire to enjoy the day-by-day life, with the positive approach to the evening entertainment.

The colorful Silhouettes include capes in Virgin Wool with unconventional shapes contrasting colors.

Glossy Wool is real Wool with a special treatment that gives shining effect to the fabric. The dresses and flared dresses have details in natural feathers. All the dresses can be personalize according personal and individual needs.

Maison Thondike:

Maison Thondike F/W Comeback Collection is available Made to Measure.
Shipping is free worldwide. For all our customers in Switzerland is available personal delivery at home.

L’intera collezione Maison Thondike F/W Comeback è disponibile su misura.
Le spedizioni sono gratuite in tutto il mondo. Per i nostri clienti in Svizzera è disponibile la consegna personale direttamente al domicilio.