Fashion Masks – New Trend !

The motto is ‘ENJOY YOUR LIFE’ !

Let the day be funny with this new and unpredictable garment, give a tone of joy to your days !

Entirely handmade, in various themes, from casual to elegant, from Ready-To-Wear to Couture, from morning to evening.

Feel free with glamour and style!

The affectionate greetings are to be postponed, and we have to think to our health and our loved ones.

Customers are welcome in our atelier, and for their safety we will offer a standard mask to those who do not wear it.

Give yourself a touch of personality!

Fashion Mask, Maison Thondike, Yadira Capote Thondike

For this new kind of garment, I choose a lot of variety of fabrics, without limits !

A colorful story of my travels around the world, and I want to share with all my clients.

Each piece is unique and made only one time.

Is also available the personalisation, for an individual way of wearing the new garment: your desires are welcome !

I’m glad to share the profit of this sales with these charities: SWISS SOLIDARITY and MEDECINES SANS FRONTIERES.

Even the extra cost of gift package will be send to charities, every little contribution counts !

Shipping Package,Fashion Mask,Maison Thondike,Yadira Capote Thondike