Behind the scenes Lybre

For the photo shoot of the LYBRE collection, I chose Havana, my hometown that every summer inspires me.

The shots of LYBRE were made suggestive by the beautiful atmosphere of the 500 years of the foundation of Havana, celebrated in every place of this fascinating city.

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We have chosen fabulous places, even albeit neglected, with an amazing result: express the free spirit to express wherever you go. A week in Havana to film and take photos that tell a story, capturing that energy that every place offers and tells us.

We had a lot of fun, yes, the job is this: if you don’t have fun and you don’t feel good about what you do then it’s not the right job for you. Because you have to love your job, everytime!

I LOVE surround me of people who love everything they do, especially at work, like this fantastic team.

Eduardo Rawdriguez -Ed for friends- Photographer and Director

I know Ed since the SABOR collection, and then we have collaborated profitably. Author of several photographic exhibitions in Europe and Latin America. He has directed numerous video clips of the best musicians on the island, and has created campaigns of internationally renowned Brands.

Yordanis Gamez, ‘Coki’, Producer

Thanks to the experience of Coki, right arm of Ed, we have done a fantastic job. He does everything, instills calm in the most stressful moments, just a phone call, just a chat is enough. He immediately understands the needs, the whole organization is in his hands, I love him.

Michel Rego, the make-up-artist

His competence enchants. He can understand all the needs at the right time, simply perfect!

Jhayna Duarte, model

She is beautiful and perfect for this collection. Her limitless professionalism fully expresses the mood of the collection: LYBRE = FREE SPIRIT!

A fantastic adventure, led by Coki in the most unthinkable and unlikely places, but wonderful and perfect for LYBRE. Climb 10 floors of fascinatingly old stairs of an ancient historic Havana palace… and reach the roof, which has given a spectacular view to the photos of SILHOUETTE 14 and SILHOUETTE 20: impressive result!

Walking through the Old Havana, the clothes looked even more fabulous. Light and shadow between the magical streets highlighted fabrics and colors, Jhayna herself felt comfortable in fresh clothes that showed off all their refinement and glamor: such a wonderful show!

The last shot in front of the Alisia Alonso Grand Theater, to tell the story of the Prestige-Resurgence white dress. This masterpiece is inspired by the colonial architecture of Theater and worthily celebrates is splendor.

Behind,the,scenes,Lybre,S/S,Spring,Summer,Spring Summer,Collection,High Fashion,Thondike,Maison Thondike,Switzerland

Thondike Prestige Resurgence

Entirely handmade, with a meticulous work of 200 hours of dedication and accuracy craftsmanship.

I sincerely hope you appreciate the LYBRE collection made with Love.

Thank you for joining me in Behind the scenes Lybre story.

Behind,the,scenes,Lybre,S/S,Spring,Summer,Spring Summer,Collection,High Fashion,Thondike,Maison Thondike,Switzerland